Sumit Gaddh

Sumit Gaddh Scammer

a.k.a: Sumit Guddh

..a.k.a: Sunny Gaddh

…a.k.a: Sumit Gadh

….a.k.a: Sam Taylor

…..a.k.a: “Sa Ta”

A simple directory of various interactions and public knowledge regarding Sumit Gaddh a.k.a Sam Taylor of the property: 1510 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort Lauderdale FL 33316


“This person stating that he is a “property” manager for an AirBnB property is running a scam.  He requires a formal contract with ridiculous stipulations and fees, but it just seems like he is trying to protect himself.  But in fact he is running a rental scam.  He told us he quit AirBnB due to lack of payment so asked us just to pay upfront. Luckily, we asked him to do it through VRBO so we could be protected.  While we were staying there, he then pulled it off VRBO.”
“Do not rent 1510 Seabreeve Blvd in Ft Lauderdale. You will be scammed and harassed.”


“This is sheer ripping off of people! FRAUD PRACTICES!”


“He washes the sheets with the worst detergent from the dollar store and I’m surprised nobody got any disease by now!”

Fraudlent Business Practices / License Revokation:

Mortgage licenses revoked all over the nation

” In the past, the Presiding Officer has shied away from awarding the full amount of requested fines out of a concern that awarding the full amount should be reserved for a particularly egregious case. This is such a case. The Respondents failed to file the mandatory witness and exhibit list. The only witness for SunnyMTG, Mr. Gaddh, demonstrated over and over his unwillingness to answer a straight question with a straight answer. In almost 30 years years of litigation experience, I cannot remember a witness who made every effort to avoid telling the truth. On my judgement, based on the behavior on the record, and the body language that cannot be perceived on a cold record, Mr. Gaddh has no credibility. “ – Stephen J. Judge, ESQ.

Past Employees:


“It has been said by a former office staff Member that he often says “AMERICANS ARE FOOLS”. “


“THIS BROKER is a SCAM ARTIST. The IRS is investigating his non reporting of income, and taxes, almost every state he is licensed in is trying to REVOKE his LICENSE.”

Sumit Gaddh Using These Same Sites Himself in 2010:

“***** ******* comes to my store flashing his money all the time trying to flirt with me I have told *****multiple times that I am straight however this man continues to flash his money on my face”
“All I did was accidentally look at her a** she bent over the printer. Apparently ***** ****** thought I got lost look at her a** and he fired me.”
“To my surprise ***** tried to kiss me I told ***** that I am straight and he must stop ***** got VERY UPSET AT ME.. He instead took out his pocketknife and threatened to slice the front tire of my bicycle if I did not make out with him right there and then!”

Creating Fake Recollections to Ruin His Target’s Reputation:

“I dated ***** ****** now at SUSTA (Southern United States Trade Association) a few years back. ***** ****** is a filthy pig, dog, horny RAT! ***** ****** forced me to have sex as he was larger than me and I caved in. So like I thought that he seems like a nice guy (besides that he like intimidated me to have sex with him) and so I went out with him. Two weeks after going out with *****, I introduced him to my family. ***** tried to flirt with my little brother and actually touched his a*s. ***** you are DOG! PIG! LOOSER! So I could not take it anymore I brokeup with promiscuous man. Its amazing that Hingle ***** is now CEO of Southern United States Trade Association. I should have never had sex with ***** to begin with! “
“I went to college with ***** ****** now heading Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA). ***** called black students n****** and looked down upon everyone. ***** claimed that he came from a wealthy family and that he is better than anyone else. I was a friend for ***** for just 2 weeks after which he tried to get me drunk and take me to his room. ***** you surprised me – I would never think you like poles!!! Well ***** hope you get some – cause you are not getting mine… by the way.. When are you paying back the loan that my families lend to you? ***** its a lot of money “PLEASE pay us back I am beg you – if not then you must be careful because I will show up that next time you go to sweet talk in your next networking event”
“I grew up with ***** ****** now working at SUSTA. ***** is a compulsive liar that is cocky in nature and looks down upon people. ***** ****** does not like to help, he instead likes to make excuses. Someone please get ***** ****** of SUSTA out of the streets and away from children. I caught ***** ****** trying to moles a little helpless boy in the park. When I got to the park, I saw ***** ****** with his SUSTA bag on the ground playing with the little boy and at first I thought how nice of ***** ****** to make time out of his busy schedule at SUSTA to spend with the children of the community. Than after a while I did not see ***** ****** nor the little boy, at first I thought they left or the boy parent came and pick up the boy. While talking on the phone and walking by the wood area in the park, there was ***** ******, Executive Director of SUSTA performing oral sex on the little boy than trying to get the kid to do the same for him. Once he saw that someone was there, he ran leaving the a little standing there alone. Please get this pig now working at SUSTA (Southern United States Trade Association) off the streets.”
“***** ****** beats up on women! I dated ***** ****** during his first year with the company SUSTA; at that time, I knew I was not the only woman that ***** ****** was dating. What I did not know was that none of his relationships worked because of his habit of beating up women when women refuse to put a thumb up his a*s during intercourse. To my shocking surprise, after a party that was thrown on ***** ****** behalf by SUSTA, ***** was drunk and we went back to the room. During intercourse he kept asking me to put my thumb up his a*s and I was simply not comfortable doing that so I said and did nothing. His demands started getting lauder and lauder so I said no I am not into that. He became very angry and started to chock me. It was not until I stuck three fingers up his a*s that he releases the chokehold he had on me. I ran out the room and ran into another young lady that was at that party. When she saw the look of shock on my face thats when she said to me you must have been getting it on with SUSTA own ***** ******. I said how did you know, thats when she showed me her scares. She than said all she had to do was put her thumb up his a*s that could have prevented this. When I ask her why did she not go to the authorities, she said he gave her a promotion so the money she is making now is more than she has ever made in her life. ***** ****** molested my child and lied about it. People actually believed him because of his position with SUSTA. ***** ****** knows what he did to my innocent child and is hiding behind his title at SUSTA (Southern United States Trade Association). God does not like ugly and what you did to my child ***** ****** will come back to you and at that time not even SUSTA can help u!!!! He acted like he like children and donated lot of money on behalf of SUSTA to the community league. People actually trust this pig and when our backs where turn he was pleasing him self at the expense of our children. “

The Targeted Company Sues Him and Wins:

  1. Plaintiffs’ lawsuit seeks damages and injunctive relief against Defendants Juyasis Mata
    (a/k/a Yunaysis Martin Mata) and Sumit Guddh (a/k/a Sumit Gaddh; a/k/a Tom Ge) for
    defamation and conspiracy to defame, among other claims.

IT IS ORDERED that Defendants shall be liable to SUSTA in solido for the sum of
$158,942 in damages for costs directly incurred as a result of the Statements. IT IS FURTHER
ORDERED that Defendants shall be liable in solido to each Plaintiff for the sum of $50,000 in
damages for harm to Plaintiffs’ reputation and for emotional distress.

How Do You Know It’s Him in the Ripoff Report Quotes Above?

Court Document Section III/A/3/i :

The Statements include but are not limited to the statements and comments posted on
the following public Internet websites:

Do your research before renting from Sumit Gaddh at 1510 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort Lauderdale FL

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